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Recognizing & Supporting The Next Generation of Leading Minds in Technology, Film, and Design



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Our Vision

To showcase and elevate the next generation of leading minds, we are running three national contests to identify the winners of the 2015 IVY Innovator Awards, presented by Cadillac. There will be five finalists and one winner for each of the following fields: Technology, Film, and Design

To inspire innovation and foster collaboration, we are also hosting the IVY Innovator Event Series, consisting of eight IVY Innovator Dinners, and three signature IVY Innovator Award Nights, presented by Cadillac. Throughout 2015, these events will bring together and celebrate those who are actively transforming our world through their relentless ingenuity.


All 15 finalists will be showcased on, will receive a complimentary one year IVY membership, and admission to the Cadillac brand advocacy platform (the “Well Driven Network”), which provides access to complimentary tickets to upcoming events from Cadillac partners, as well as a range of other special benefits. The innovative endeavors of all finalists will also be promoted on press materials related to the contest.

In addition, the winners of the IVY Innovator Awards presented by Cadillac will be honored at the IVY InnovatorAward Nights, and receive a travel package ($5,000 value) to be utilized to benefit the winner’s career.


Applications are open to all innovative individuals in the United States. We will select five finalists and one winner for each category: Technology, Film, and Design. All qualifying applicants will first be evaluated by a Selection Committee. Those who are short-listed will be further evaluated as potential finalists in each category.

Our Selection Committee will look for the following qualities when evaluating the applicants:

  • Potential to impact their field of choice
  • Expansiveness of personal vision
  • Uniqueness of innovative endeavors
  • Approach to creativity and innovation
  • Dedication to building life-long collaborative bonds


Contest Starts

March 2, 2015

Application Deadline

April 20, 2015

Winner Announced

August 4, 2015


Contest Starts

March 2, 2015

Application Deadline

August 21, 2015

Winner Announced

September 30, 2015


Contest Starts

March 2, 2015

Application Deadline

October 19, 2015

Winner Announced

December 9, 2015

About the Organizers

IVY is a dynamic community dedicated to creating a better world. We unite the next generation of leading minds to create lifelong collaborative bonds, and to spark world-changing collaborations. With a membership of 10,000 entrepreneurs, artists, and innovative professionals, the IVY community is currently based across New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago and Miami, with upcoming launches in London, Hong Kong, and Dubai. In 2015 we are hosting more than 300 thought-provoking social events to combat the increasingly hollow nature of digital and utilitarian interactions - experienced by most city-dwellers - by creating a community that brings together a diverse range of inspiring people through unique and authentic experiences both offline and online. For more information, please visit:

Cadillac is the presenting partner of the IVY Innovator Awards and Event Series as part of their initiative to help identify and celebrate the Entrepreneurial spirit and those that are pushing the boundaries in technolgy, film and design. By supporting the IVY Innovator Awards and Event Series, Cadillac is playing a leading role in recognizing and supporting the next generation of thought leaders.