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February 28, 2017 7:00pm - 10:00pm

DC: Thought Leader Dinner & Discussion - Eric Koester @ RPM Italian

Members joined us for an intimate IVY Thought Leader Dinner & Discussion with renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist Eric Koester, as we explored How to Be a Game-Changing Intrapreneur: The Secrets of Innovative Leadership Within an Existing Business. Did you know that 98% of successful entrepreneurs got their starts inside large organizations -- founders including Bezos, Benioff, Ellison, Blakely, Thiel, and many more? It's not usually the college drop-outs who found break-through startups – it's the intrapreneurs. An “intrapreneur” is a high-impact employee who brings the creativity and drive often associated with startups to their larger, more established company. Eric revealed 10 pathways eventual startup founders take to become extraordinary intrapreneurs and substantially elevate their careers. This special evening took place in the beautiful private dining room of RPM Italian, where we enjoyed a delicious four-course meal, delicious wine, and unforgettable conversation with a fascinating group of IVY members.

650 K St NW
Washington, DC