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May 04 - May 07, 2017

IVY Cultural Expedition, Cuba (May 4-7, 2017)

We’re beyond excited to invite you to our 2017 IVY Cultural Expeditions to Cuba! Get ready to hit the streets of Havana and explore Cuba, an iconic nation suspended in time, yet buzzing with its vibrant culture and impending waves of change. This epic weekend will enable our members to be among the first of our generation to gain an insider's perspective on Cuba, and be part of the historic thawing of diplomatic relations as it unfolds in real-time. Check out the IVY Cuba Video from spring 2016!

We will process your final payments on Friday, March 17. The IVY Cuba Cultural Expedition Package will cost $150 non-refundable deposit + $1,995 final payment and cover all fixed costs, including the chartered flight from Ft. Lauderdale, accommodations, all meals, your Cuban visa, and all the activities listed below. A single supplement for your own private room is available for $199 more. This trip is non-refundable once your full payment is processed.

If you're interested in our October trip (Oct 6-9, 2017), please click here!

You can see a sample itinerary here!