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February 26, 2017 12:00pm - 4:00pm

NY: Workshop - Bob Kulhan @ IVY HQ

Members joined us for a special IVY Workshop & Lunch on How Improv Can Help You Win at Business with legendary improv comedian and teacher, Bob Kulhan! On Sunday, February 26, Bob taught us how we can all become exceptional leaders by using improvisation as a catalyst for better business practices on an individual and organizational level. Bob is the President and CEO of Business Improv, a global leader in experiential learning that has worked with world-renowned organizations, such as Google, Harvard, and Deloitte. Through fast-paced group exercises and interactive discussion, we learned how techniques such as divergent and convergent thinking, being present, and positive word-choice can translate into swifter decision-making, stronger collaboration, conflict resolution, and mindfulness. Bob has brought his razor-sharp wit from the stage to the boardroom with his consulting company Business Improv. According to Bob, comedy and business actually have a lot in common, and the skills of a comedian can help make or break a career.

48 W 25th St, 3rd FL
New York, NY 10010