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IVY: The Social University Testimonials & Reviews


Lina S.,  Boston Member

"A couple of years ago I was referred to IVY Boston by a friend, who spoke so enthusiastically about the group that I couldn't resist to join. Since then I have had no regrets. Not only does IVY open-up the possibility to try different things, things you might have never thought to try, or didn't have access to - from cultural events, such as exclusive arts performances, where you get to meet the author, artist or go back stage following your favourite ballet performance; to exclusive sports events (yes I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the court with the Celtics players as they practiced pre-game); to informative talks by world-class leaders in their field; to volunteering opportunities; to sweating away in a boxing ring; to just hanging out in a bar with a great group of diverse members; but trying new things also allows you to continue with something that you particularly enjoyed doing to enrich your life in a different way. This way, I feel like IVY just keeps on giving.

Every event feels extremely thought-out by the IVY team, who are always high-energy and motivational to include everyone in attendance. Of course, the best part is that all the activities bring together a diverse group of people, many of whom are now my great friends, even outside of the IVY contingency.

I am looking forward to many more events in the future, keep expanding the mind!”


Ransley C.,  New York Member

"My experience with IVY has been a pleasantly welcomed surprise. Since being recruited by Caroline back in January, I was warmly greeted by the community - a community that I found to be very inclusive - anyone who has joined a membership-based, social network in NYC knows this is quite unique. I have credited Caroline, Sophie and other staffers with ensuring that I was quickly introduced to other members that they believed to would be good connections for me...and they were spot on. - these members now make up a large portion of my day-to-day friend base. Importantly, the member base includes diverse backgrounds and professions. This fact is important to me, as I did not want to spend my personal time with fellow industry people.

Over the past 11mths, IVY has been the curator of authentic and sticky friendships that I place a high value on, unique experiences that are filled with other like-minded members, and continue to exemplify an ongoing vision to enhance our experience as a member of the group.

In a city chalked full of exclusive stances, and experiences that can often fall short of being worth the investment of one's time, IVY has developed an international platform that punches well above its weight.

Big thanks to Beri, Caroline, Sophie et al."


Miluna F.,  San Francisco Member

"IVY has expanded my mind, heart. I have met some wonderful people and had many meaningful conversations. Also, discovering gems in my new city of San Francisco. Thank you!"


Kate B.,  Los Angeles Member

"I joined IVY almost a year ago and it was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made since moving to Los Angeles. As a true lover of cocktail parties, galas and networking in general, I was initially drawn to IVY as a platform to create social and professional relationships within a new city. However, in addition to the extraordinary events that have successfully filled my social calendar, I have acquired that and so much more. Through insightful and inspiring discussions with local entrepreneurs to private tours of a highly sought after LACMA exhibit, and even a guided yoga class from a yoga studio founder, I have truly grown as a person through my membership with IVY. I am constantly impressed with the caliber of people I have met through this group and am especially grateful for the marvelous friendships that have thus resulted – many thanks to Teresa Lucas, our community manager, who has without a doubt been the mastermind behind all these wonderful connections! I would recommend IVY to anyone in any city who is looking to make worthwhile business and personal connections, continue education through hands on events, explore the city in a new way, or to just belong to a great group that will enrich your life on every level!"


Gabriella P.,  Miami Member

I have been in the Miami chapter for a couple of months and it has been a great experience. I had lived in Miami for a couple of years before I joined and had never explored as much from the city as I have now that I'm part of IVYEvery event has given me the opportunity to meet an incredibly diverse group of individuals whom I have built a circle with, a circle of friends that I can trust, that support each other's visions, have real conversations with and that pushes me to better myself. IVY allows you to attend events on any of their cities and as a traveling analyst, that adds great value to my membership. The IVY community surrounds and connects you with people of great mindsets and success that expand your thinking and give you the confidence to pursue anything.


Kevin A.,  Chicago Member

"I attended the 2017 Ivy summer camp event and had an amazing time. This was my first national Ivy event and won't be my last. I had the chance to connect with Ivy members from all over the country and built both personal and professional relationships with great people. I'm looking forward to connecting with some of my new Ivy friends from other chapters and Chicago chapter."


Zac H.,  New York Member

"Through IVY, I was able to connect with several people whom my company wound up interviewing for a series of positions we needed to fill--while having fun in the process! Along the way, it doesn't hurt that I've met a date or three. IVY represents the best of what New York has to offer: brilliant people, rare experiences, and an opportunity to magnify your impact upon this little blue sphere we call home :)"


John R.,  Washington DC Member

"I've been in IVY for 2 years now…Since joining I've made tons of new friends, listened to some amazing speakers, and experienced aspects of DC that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. The IVY member base has been a great asset in offering help on how to expand my business and provide the best possible service to my photography clients. I've met other talented and friendly photographers through IVY and we have both benefitted through collaborating and helping each other. Without IVY, I would not have the expansive social and professional networks that I enjoy today."


Nai N.,  Boston Member

"It is hard to imagine a proper work life balance without IVY. IVY has introduced me to some of the most interesting minds in Boston, and I feel very fortunate. Coupled with fun workshops like 'How to Manage in the Grey,' IVY is both productive as it is fun. Thank you to the IVY team for being so warm and welcoming. Although I am very new to the community still, I look forward to meeting more engaging individuals over interesting conversation."


Hunter G.,  Los Angeles Member

"I have been a member with the IVY LA chapter for several years, after first joining IVY as a member in the Boston chapter.

I've made very close friends and fostered amazing relationships through IVY Boston and IVY LA. The last year alone at IVY has been phenomenal in terms of meeting people, attending events and making friends. The crucial benefit of IVY rests in the organization’s ability to bring together people from different, normally unconnected, industries and empower them to have thought provoking conversations that often lead to strategic partnerships. Through the meetups and social events provided, I can guarantee that you will be able to meet quality people that are motivated to make a huge, positive impact, on a global scale within their respective industries. The sense of cross-industry community is quite strong. I’m proud to be a part of the IVY community and would heartily recommended it."


Travis O.,  Miami Member

"IVY has expanded my network substantially. I have had so much fun and experienced many opportunities that would have not been available to me had I not joined this organization. IVY is a community that allows me to connect with professionals such as myself while attending different events from trips to Paris and art galleries to coding tutorials and entrepreneurship talks."


Nikkee P.,  Washington DC Member

"IVY has been a great way to experience the culture and opportunities available but not always easily accessible in the D.C. area. From opera to ballet to rooftop pool parties, IVY has provided a fun, unique and friendly experience for the busy working professional. Having my business featured in IVY Magazine was also a rewarding and, honestly, quite cool experience that made me feel a valued part of the community. I highly recommend IVY for its interesting events and experiences, as well as its friendly and helpful staff."


Rob G.,  New York Member

"IVY is the first member society to get it right. I have a very specific focus in the fashion sector, and the IVY's community managers were able to pinpoint and make introductions to specific community members I otherwise would not have access to. I'm now part of the focused IVY fashion sub-community, was able to line up a strategic partner to launch my new line of luxury performance shoes Rob McAllan, and formed inroads with strategic investment/partnerships for development"


Jay G.,  Boston Member

"I've been an IVY member in Boston for about a year and a half. What I enjoy most is the fact that you get to meet great people at every event and do an activity together, which really livens up the experience. Primarily the people who run and help out at IVY have done a great job curating great events and great people to ensure each experience is worth every penny and more.

I've made more friends through IVY than I did in my first 2 out of 3 years in Boston. This last year at IVY has been phenomenal in terms of meeting people and making friends but the best part about IVY is it's not hard to break the ice with new people and become a good conversationalist, because of the type of people we interact with at IVY, great qualities rub off well and changes your personality in the best way possible. I can guarantee that you will learn at least one new interesting fact at every IVY event and bring about 1 change in your personality over a few months , consciously or subconsciously, and the results will be amazing.

Because everyone here comes from a different a variety of backgrounds, each members brings a new flavor to the table and helps encourage a wide variety topics of discussion, helping broaden everyone's horizon.

In short, I wouldn't move to a new city voluntarily, unless IVY didn't have a presence there."


Caroline C.,  Washington DC Member

"I was tasked by the VP of my company to start picking up the technologies and programs associated with Virtual Reality. By chance, I was browsing the opportunities board on IVY, and one of the guys I know in IVY, who works in the VR industry, posted about a virtual reality event that his company was hosting and to message him to get an invite. It was a great coincidence! I got to go to the event, see the VR experiences/technologies they were working on, and be able to pick the brains of the VR team to gain guidance on where to begin teaching myself these programs for work."


Elizabeth N.,  Chicago Member

"I've been an IVY member in Chicago for several years now, and I can't say enough good things about it. There really is something for everyone. Over time, not only have I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people (and create some lifelong friendships), but the events are truly one of a kind, and catered to bring dynamic people together to experience amazing things, open your mind, and connect with the world around us. There have been so many times I've left an IVY event feeling like I was truly a part of something so unique and special. It's a refreshing change to be a part of a fun community that has broadened my horizons and continues to bring wonderful, passionate people and conversations into my life.

I just got back from traveling with a group of IVY members to Iceland from IVY chapters from accross the US. I was a little apprehensive to go alone, as I did not know one person when I signed up for the trip, and I feel like I left the four day adventure with the most amazing and unforgettable memories, and a whole community of new friends across cities that I have continued to talk to on a daily basis since getting home. It was simply life changing and unforgettable, and can't wait for the next IVY trip I do. I really feel like all their events just have something special about them that leave you feeling like you've gained something by being a part of it. The IVY events and opportunities just keep getting better and better, and I'm excited to see what they have in store in the coming year."


Aaron W.,  New York Member

"IVY’s power of networking has a far greater reach than any organization that I have ever been a part of. I have been to one event and since then I have connected with three other potential members. One is even a client for the company I work for! Being able to instantly gel with a group of strangers that are in complete different backgrounds can be difficult but at IVY, I felt that it was not even a challenge. I know I can continue in the vision of IVY by connecting with like-minded people across different backgrounds."


Eliza M.,  San Francisco Member

"IVY has expanded my community and created potential business partnerships, and I've only been a member for 3 months!"


Beba G.,  Chicago Member

"From the day I learned about IVY, I was captivated by their advanced online platform which allows the members to connect and share ideas, events, communications, etc. and at the same time presents social networking in a whole different level. You don't have to worry about going to an event alone, because the moment you step into the room there are welcoming crew which makes sure they introduce you to someone new every time and you can always count on meeting quality people at quality places.

I joined IVY a little over a month and attended only 4 events thus far but I cannot stop talking about it to friends and absolutely leveraging the variety of services and opportunity it offers for my company, Moi Soli, as well as networking outside of my city.

I would absolutely suggest to any new entrepreneurs, anyone looking to grow their circle of friends, those looking to network, or you are just new in town, to join IVY and enjoy the benefits and friends it comes with. I even happen to meet one of the co-founders, Beri Meric who was speaking at my very first event I attended and to see what a down to earth guy he is and listen to what it inspired him to start IVY, I just knew I had found a good group in Chicago.

Enjoy the benefits and go sign up now!"


Nathan S.,  New York Member

"I joined IVY as a way meet people while forcing myself to get out and do things -- shows, museums, volunteering -- that I always knew I should do but somehow never managed to find the time. By this measure, IVY has succeeded. What I have come to realize, however, is that the value in IVY is not in its ability to get you out of your apartment but rather in the quality of your experiences. IVY's programming, which focuses around 5 themes -- Entrepreneurship, Arts, Social Impact, Policy and Wellness -- results in people with common interests joining together. That foundation of common interests, combined with thoughtful facilitation, results in more meaningful experiences in which you get to know people better, faster."


Lauren B.,  Los Angeles Member

"My goal in joining IVY was to expand my network, but IVY truly offers a more immersive and rewarding experience than that. I’m constantly impressed with the lineup of unique events the IVY teams put together. Not only have I found the exclusive networking opportunities that I've been seeking, but I’ve made genuine connections and I know I've invested in myself and my future. You know how they say meeting friends as age gets harder? That just isn’t true with IVY."


Krupa P.,  San Francisco Member

"Being new to any city has its challenges...especially when trying to create a new social circle. Ivy has introduced me to variety of individuals whom are not only fun but are equally intelligent, confident and open to learning. All good things."


Silvia D.,  Boston Member

"Through someone I met at the IVY Gala in December I got my current job which I love! (fingers crossed) I started three weeks ago and am working in a very interesting sector (renewables), in a great business (Saas for Solar farms) with awesome people, and feel constantly challenged."


Phil S.,  Washington DC Member

"In all honesty I have been blown away by everything that has taken place so far, from the support and experience Morgan provided initially to the speed of welcoming and value Ivy has already brought to my life.

I have already found a bunch of events I intend on attending, arranged a meeting next week with another member to initiate a Podcast for my business, and bought the Jeff Rosenblum book after listening to the podcast. I have never known another brand in my life so quick to engage and meaningfully so. I am very excited to see where this goes.

I have actually felt more empowered and inspired in my life just by the evident possibilities, and let's be honest there aren't many things among the noisy world we live in that offer so much connection. "


Jordan S.,  Miami Member

"I've been part of the Miami chapter of IVY for just under a year. The biggest single advantage IVY has provided me, is the breaking of routine. The events/speakers usually focus on different disciplines every time and bring together different perspectives all into one room. The events put me rooms with like-minded peeps who are interested in personal development."


Daniel F.,  San Francisco Member

"I like how everyone is so open to networking, having a good time and naturally curious and open to both share and gather as much knowledge as humanly possible."


Kirk S.,  Washington DC Member

"IVY is the perfect mix of amazing experiences with amazing people. IVY isn't just yet another social club - it's a gathering of incredibly successful and intelligent people who I consider friends, if not amazing individuals that I admire. You can meet everyone from top-tier professors to off-the-wall artists at the same event, and everyone, regardless of background or industry, is incredibly welcoming, outgoing, and interesting.

Beyond IVY's amazing people, its events are superb. I've done incredible things with IVY: I've cruised down roads in Havana in a drop-top convertible from the '50s, raced across a glacier in Iceland, zip lined across trees in West Virginia, attended a fun/retro summer camp in Connecticut, and attended amazing lectures by thought leaders in virtually every industry. The events are as varied as they are enjoyable, and all feel positively effortless despite the incredible efforts made by IVY's events team.

Needless to say, the price for admission into IVY is well worth it - it's a small cost for entrance into an amazing club that has genuinely made my life better in every respect. I can't recommend it enough."


Richard L.,  Los Angeles Member

"I have enjoyed IVY greatly. Moving to LA in 2016, IVY has been a tremendous way for me to meet other bright, inspired, and cutting edge individuals in multiple industries. IVY has also helped me meet many of the best business minds in LA through Ideas Nights, as well as cultural, artistic, and just plain fun events throughout the greater Los Angeles Area. IVY has not only been an introduction to many great personal and business connections but a perfect way to become fully immersed in this vibrant and often underappreciated city and all that it has to offer."


Kate W.,  San Francisco Member

"I've been an Ivy member for over 3 years. I started in the NYC chapter and then moved to SF, where I am currently an active member. I love Ivy and try to go to as many events as possible. Ivy is a great place to make friends as an adult where many of us aren't thrown into the same social situations where we made friends easily in our school days. Members come from diverse backgrounds with a wide variety of interests, so there's plenty to talk about! I love the variety in Ivy events too - we've done yoga, private art tours, cooking classes, volunteering, rooftop parties, book talks, museum trips, etc. The more events you go to though, the more you see the same people and get to know them, and voila, new friendships begin. Thank you, IVY, for helping me have a far more interesting and desirable social life!"


Migeul L.,  Miami Member

"I joined IVY at the beginning of 2015 as part of the Miami chapter and it has been an amazing experience. I am able to meet an array of very interesting individuals, in the professional and personal level, while enjoying the arts and culture (amongst other things) that Miami has to offer. In life, it's all about meeting new quality people and developing connections, and that is what IVY is all about. I have had the privilege to attend some events in the LA chapter as well and it feels like you're a part of a big family across the states, and soon to be worldwide. I enjoy the different events IVY puts together, such as arts & culture, fitness, yoga, meditations, etc. I am a big advocate for IVY and I have proudly brought in colleagues and friends to join and become active members. "


Anand S.,  Boston Member

“I could not be happier about my time with IVY so far. I have been a member for a year in Boston. As someone who went to college in Boston and worked professionally for 2 years, IVY reminded me how diverse and ambitious the people of Boston really are. For me, the events are why I joined IVY and why I'm still a member. The events are always fun and carefully thought out. From the new member happy hours that come with an open bar to bigger events like the winter gala, there is something for everyone. Great feature about IVY is that you can attend events in other cities no matter your chapter. As a traveling consultant, this was huge for me. My personal favorite event was the IVY summer camp which was a fun summer weekend getaway with 300+ IVY members, where there were nonstop outdoor activities.

The networking at IVY has been great for me, I have made friends that I am very close to along with professional relationships. While attending an event at the Harvard club of Boston IVY showed me how participating impactful discussions really can open a lot of doors. I continue to refer all my friends to IVY, whether you are new to a city or looking to expand IVY can fit the need you are looking for. All the community managers always have an ear open for feedback and really ask the members to be open minded to meeting new people. I think the IVY members not only are accomplished, but they like to have a good time. This type of environment makes it really easy to walk up and talk to anyone at an event."


Will Y.,  Chicago Member

"I've been an Ivy member in Chicago for a little over a year now and feel that it is a fantastic organization with the ability to connect you to a great group of professionals in social settings. From events ranging from ballets, to volunteering at the anti-cruelty society, to fun drinks at a unique bar--it really gives you a chance to attend what you find fun. Organized by a fantastic group of community managers and event planners, I look forward to most events because they are such fun to experience. I've also made some close friends out of the organization and keep up with them outside IVY events as well.

I urge you to give it a shot! Talk to a community manager and see if you'd be a good fit for IVY. I've met some great people through the organization and can't wait for the next event."


James S.,  Boston Member

"Ivy Boston has provided a great opportunity for me to meet and network with people outside my usual social circle.

I have been active in several veteran organizations and legal networks within Boston, but i just end up running into the same group of people at every function, dinner, or meeting. Ivy changes the dynamic by mixing together not just lawyers, but doctors, public employees, and more.

I get to meet people who started their own company, who have traveled the world, who compete in triathlons. I would not have met these great, fun, and exciting people but for joining Ivy earlier this year.

The best part of going to Ivy events, is that its not solely about networking. Its about enjoying the city and trying something new. Through Ivy, I have seen Cirque du Soleil, met local artists, camped in the Berkshires, and cheered on the Celtics with a great group of people.

Any chance you have to go to an Ivy event in your city is DEFINITELY worth it.


Blair B.,  Los Angeles Member

"I joined the Los Angeles Chapter of IVY 8 months ago and wish I had joined sooner! Every event I have attended has been amazing. IVY does an incredible job of offering diverse activities-from lectures, to sporting events, art openings, to adult summer camp! Members are incredibly outgoing, interesting, and engaging, and the Community Managers couldn't be nicer. Every event is an opportunity to meet someone new, reconnect with members you have met at previous sponsored events, and I have made a number of great friends who I love getting together with outside of IVY events as well. I am continually recommending IVY to friends and couldn't speak more highly about it!"


Jorge B.,  Miami Member

"I have been in the Miami chapter since 2014. IVY has been an amazing experience. Being new to the Miami area. IVY given me the ability to meet some well diverse group of professionals. IVY also has helped me explore the culture that Miami has to offer such as theater, symphony, art exhibitions, educational workshops, networking events. And of course, one of my favorite events which include meditation/spiritual enlightenment. I have also made some great connections not just on a professional level but as well as a personal one. I also have had the privilege to attend other events in other cities like NYC, LA. I have and will continuously recommend my friends/colleagues to join IVY."


Catherine C.,  Chicago Member

"Through IVY, I have been able to become part of an incredible network of people from all over the world. Recently I was able to travel to Aspen with a small group of IVY members for Ski Week! This trip was one of those "once in a lifetime" experiences. Just imagine eating a 5-star meal on top of a mountain followed by popping bottles of champagne while the restaurant turns into a huge party. Not only did I have an absolute blast, I formed lasting relationships with other IVY members from around the country. I enjoyed the trip so much that I already booked my next for Cuba in the fall. IVY has given me the opportunity to travel around the world with a group of like-minded young professionals. Traveling has been one of my favorite experiences so far as a IVY member."