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    Natasha Rocca Devine la


    Lindsay Moran dc

    Author and Former CIA Operative

    Julien Marlon la

    Actor, Model and Comedian

    Rohith Amruthur chi

    Founder and CEO of The Lost Geographer

    Tiffany Forte dc

    Founder of Fit & Female

    Deniese Davis la

    COO of ColorCreative

    Ben Needham-Wood sf

    Dancer and Choreographer

    Laurel House la

    Dating & Empowerment Coach at E! "Famously Single"

    Joey Leslie mia

    Owner, Creative Director at Cleverest Group

    Srini Pillay bos

    Author, Psychiatrist, Coach & Brain Researcher

    Garret Neff nyc

    Founder and Designer at Katama

    Brock Stearn la

    Director of Immersive Technology at Edmunds

    Renner Winston chi

    Entrepreneur and USATF Certified Running Coach

    Amanda Munz nyc

    Founder and CEO of the Fashion Foundation

    Alissa Kerner mia

    Associate Director, New Product Planning at F1 Oncology

    Rachna Nivas sf

    Co-Founder and Principal Artist at Leela Dance Collective

    Jenna Dillon la

    Executive Coach

    Eda Tekeoglu nyc

    Director of Development and Partnerships at Delivering Good

    Mikhail A. Scott mia

    Legislative Aide to the Florida House Minority Leader, Representative Kionne L. McGhee

    Jordan Scheltgen la

    Founder / Managing Partner at Cave Social


    “A great reminder to principles that stand the test of time... the timing was great to reinvigorate my refocus on how to lead more effectively.”
    “Great idea exchange, very well and enthusiastically presented. The moderator again did a great job, very good at summarizing the ideas and making provocative questions. Lots of stay at home value."
    "Extremely relevant for the difficult times leaders and the world face right now. Moderator was also awesome with his questions.”
    “Amazing leadership perspective - thought-provoking, clear, and inspiring!”
    “Engaging, empathetic, clear and concise. Tools readily applicable for daily life. Absolutely loved it."
    “In these crazy times, I have found myself being very conservative in my thinking and this got my creative brain activated again!”
    “Amazing experience. Actionable and powerful. Beri does a great job moderating. Fast-paced, great questions, engaging stuff. Thanks so much for sharing!"
    “The moderator is always excellent, we covered lots of ground, and the subject and guest were quite inspiring."
    “Host was good, clear, to the point and dynamic. Speaker was knowledgeable, gave specific examples and was inspiring. Tone was upbeat, quick, smart. One of the best webinar executions I've seen.”