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July 12, 2017 7:00pm - 10:00pm

NY: Culinary Workshop & Dinner - Maria Loi @ Miette on Mulberry

Members joined us for an interactive IVY Culinary Workshop & Dinner with Celebrity Chef Maria Loi as we learned How to Create Delicious Greek Dishes that Keep You Happy and Healthy! Following a welcome wine reception with a great group of members, Chef Loi walked us through a variety of vibrant Greek recipes she has honed over her years of experience as a chef, and showed us how to craft dishes that satisfy the soul and the palate. After we’ve finished cooking, we sat for dinner and enjoyed the dishes we mastered together!

Known as the "Martha Stewart of Greece,” Maria Loi is an accomplished celebrity chef, author, healthy lifestyle expert philanthropist, and the Global Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy. Her mission in life is simple, subscribing to THE Loi motto - tasty, healthy, easy - Chef Loi wants to change the world - one healthy, Greek bite at a time.

132 Mulberry St, 2nd FL
New York, NY 10013