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May 20, 2017 9:30am - 1:00pm

SF: Beekeeping Workshop & Honey Tasting @ Round Rock Honey

Members joined us for an interactive IVY Beekeeping Workshop & Honey Tasting and learned all the fundamentals of backyard beekeeping from a master beekeeper! Through discussion and hands-on instruction, we explored the infrastructure of a working hive, the intricacies of honey production, and the life of the beloved Queen Bee. To kick off our day, we enjoyed delicious muffins and coffee with a great group of IVY members. We then engaged in a compelling conversation focused on why bees are so important to our local agriculture as well as the simple steps you can take to set up and care for your very own beehive. Following our discussion, our expert beekeeper, Mark Carlson, led us on a guided tour of Round Rock Honey's very own urban apiary. We closed out the day with a mouthwatering honey tasting, enjoying a selection of artisanal honeys and learning about the different flavor profiles of each.

333 Golden Gate Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102